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Nine Rails Arts podcast

Sep 9, 2021

In Episode 28 of the Nine Rails Arts Podcast, we sit down at the Banyan Studio picnic table to discuss Social Undistance, an interdisciplinary exhibition and contemporary dance experience at Ogden Contemporary Arts Center that explores how shared isolation and limited physical connection impacts the human experience.
Featuring photographer Cam McLeod in collaboration with Tawna Halbert and the Ogden MoveMeant Collective, Social Undistance layers photography and videography with human movement in ways that speak to our increased reliance on technology as a means of personal connection.
We are joined by Cam McLeod; Kelly McLeod, Ogden MoveMeant Collective Director, Tawna Halbert; and OCA Executive Director, Venessa Castagnoli. Podcast produced by R. Brandon Long.
Don't miss an episode of The Banyan Collective’s Nine Rails Arts Podcast, as hosts and arts advocates, Todd Oberndorfer, Cam McLeod, Jake McIntire, and Shane Osguthorpe explore what it means to be an adventurous creative.
Hear the stories of Ogden’s new Nine Rails Creative District, recorded from the Banyan Collective studio, located in heart of the District and home to artisans, designers, and creatives, The Monarch Building.