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Nine Rails Arts podcast

Sep 19, 2019

Episode 18 is currently in the editing bay. Podcast is scheduled to post at noon on Thursday, Sept. 20th. Please keep this tab open and refresh. We shall return.

In Episode 18 of the Nine Rails Arts Podcast, Weber Arts Council’s Diane Stern and Kathryn MacKay, along with Dramaturg, Cole Stern, and Playwright, Daniel Rattner, sit down with us at The Argo House to talk about their inaugural Wasatch Playwright’s Residency program.

This episode sponsored by Union Creative Agency.

Don't miss an episode of The Banyan Collective’s Nine Rails Arts Podcast, as hosts Todd Oberndorfer & R Brandon Long explore what it means to be an Adventurous Creative! Hear the stories of Ogden’s new Nine Rails Creative District, including those of the district’s epicenter & home to artisans, designers & creatives, The Monarch!